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BIDs, Special Districts & Community Development Financing

Berkeley, CA

"Downtown BID Renewal and Organizational Strategic Plan" (2015);
"Downtown BID Formation" (2010);
P.U.M.A. has had an ongoing relationship with the Downtown Berkeley BID since assisting in the BID's formation in 2010. In 2015, P.U.M.A. prepared a strategic for the BID to adapt to changes in the downtown market plus prepare for BID renewal. A robust public outreach process included a series of roundtable discussions, public meetings and board workshops. Recommendations include a new operating construct, options for organizational diversification and an outline for BID renewal.

Prepared for Downtown Berkeley Association;
John Caner, CEO (510) 549.2230 x12

Denver, CO

"The Fax Mayfair BID Streetscape Plan" (2015);
PUMA assisted the Fax Partnership to successfully form their Business Improvement District in 2014. In 2015 the Fax Mayfair BID commissioned a streetscape plan. Denver based firm Design Workshop developed the plan while PUMA developed an implementation strategy to phase the build-out of the planned improvements. PUMA researched several funding strategies including a wide array of grants, city department contributions and strategies for inclusion in capital and/or citywide bond allocations. Outreach with City Council and other policy makers was a key part of a successfully executed strategy.

Prepared for Colfax Mayfair Business Improvement District
Hilarie Portell, Executive Director (720) 810-3906

Santa Monica, CA

"PBID Expansion" (2015);
"PBID Management Plan" (2008);
"Downtown Management Framework: (2007);
P.U.M.A. led a strategic planning process that resulted in a complete overhaul on how downtown Santa Monica is maintained, marketed and managed. Anchored by the Third Street Promenade, downtown Santa Monica is one of the most vibrant business districts in the nation. P.U.M.A. was retained to develop a new management approach and Action Plan to respond to increasing competitive pressures and ongoing concerns with homelessness, cleanliness and parking management. The project was particularly challenging given long-standing acrimony between property owners and the City of Santa Monica.

The process included outreach with more than 200 stakeholders, including property owners, businesses, civic leaders and elected officials. Extensive research was completed to determine existing service levels from the City, and best practices from throughout the nation. P.U.M.A. was subsequently hired to develop an operating plan for a new $3.6 million business improvement district (BID). The new BID was launched in January 2009.

In 2015, P.U.M.A. worked with Downtown Santa Monica Inc. to implement both the expansion of the BID and a reconfiguration of services in advance of new light rail service that began in 2016.

Prepared for Downtown Santa Monica, Inc.;
Kathleen Rawson, Executive Director (310) 393.8355

Arvada, CO

"Olde Town Arvada Business Improvement District" (2014);
Olde Town is the historic district, mixed-use heart of Arvada, a suburb of northwest Denver. In November of 2014, a year-long Business Improvement District (BID) effort cumulated in a successful election in which the BID passed by 78%. The BID will focus on marketing and events, streets cape enhancements and maintenance. The City of Arvada will match the BID assessment, creating a strong public/private partnership. P.U.M.A. facilitated the process from the initial feasibility analysis, through the petition drive and the successful election.

Prepared for Historic Olde Town Arvada;
Karen Miller, Chair (303) 989-7901

Prepared for City of Arvada;
Mark Deven, City Manager (720) 898-7500

Denver, CO

"The Fax-Mayfair Business Improvement District" (2014);
The Fax-Mayfair BID along Colfax Avenue, Denver's "longest, wickedest street," has seen an infusion of new investment, energy and development over the last few years. Under the steady and focused leadership of the Fax Partnership, the Fax-Mayfair BID will concentrate on economic development, safety and streeetscape improvements. The BID passed with 96% voter support. P.U.M.A. developed a work plan, assessment method and budget with extensive input from worked with property owners, city agencies and neighborhood stakeholders.

Prepared for the Fax Partnership;
Hilarie Portel, Executive Director (720) 810-3906

Denver, CO

"Santa Fe Drive Business Improvement District" (2014);
The Santa Fe BID encompasses the heart of the Santa Fe Arts District and is home to galleries, studios, retail and creative endeavors. The Community Development Corporation NEWSED, with support from the City of Denver, hired P.U.M.A. to facilitate the BID formation process that included designing a successful work plan and engage a variety of stakeholder throughout the process. The Santa Fe BID will address public improvements, safety and business support.

Prepared for NEWSED CDC;
Andrea Barela, Development Director (303) 534-8342 x110

Chicago, IL

"BID Best Practices Research" (2012);
The Chicago Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) commissioned an Economic Impact Study that surveyed the economic impact of the commercial real estate industry in Chicago and draws comparisons to other major cities. A sub-section of the report included a comparison and investigation of a variety of tax issues, including Business Improvement Districts/Special Service Areas (BIDs/SSAs). P.U.M.A. was commissioned to provide research on BIDs/SSAs. P.U.M.A. provided BOMA members with objective information that will help inform them on the competitive advantages and disadvantages of BIDs. P.U.M.A. researched six comparable cities and interviewed one major BID in each. We also interviewed the only SSA in the Chicago Central Business District. Downtown BID organizations were included from New York City, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Houston, Los Angeles and Denver.

Prepared for the Building Owners and Managers Association of Chicago;
Michael Cornicelli, Executive Vice President (312) 870-9610

Denver, CO

"Colorado Fresh Food Financing Strategic Business Plan" (2012);
A subcommittee of the Denver Food Access Task Force, with support from the Colorado Health Foundation, engaged P.U.M.A. to develop strategies and implementation tactics to initiate a state-wide Fresh Food Financing Fund for Colorado. The purpose of the proposed fund is to help remove financial obstacles from the construction, expansion and renovation of grocery stores in underserved areas of Colorado. In addition to increasing food choice, expansion of fresh food retail stores has benefits such as improving property values, enhancing small-town quality of life, creating jobs, and catalyzing neighborhood development - all core objectives of P.U.M.A.'s work in communities and districts. Assisted by the Philadelphia-based Food Trust and Opportunity Finance Network based in Washington, D.C., P.U.M.A. surveyed best practices of similar funds, conducted market research with urban and rural grocers in Colorado, and researched the financial product mix best suited for the need. The final product delivered to the subcommittee is a business plan to guide the initiation of the Fund.

Prepared for The Colorado Health Foundation;
Khanh Nguyen, Portfolio Director-Healthy Living (303) 953-3639

New Haven, CT

"BID Management Services" (2012);
P.U.M.A has the unique experience of not only consulting with BIDs but also managing them. We have over 20 years of on the ground experience in interim or on-going management of business-based BIDS and property owner-based BIDS. P.U.M.A. has seasoned managers to help with the day to day of BID management. Oversight can include:

  • BID program start-up, including: clean and safe programs, marketing programs, placemaking programs and economic development programs;
  • Staff recruitment, development and management;
  • Board development and management;
  • Daily management of BID programs;
  • Day to day administration including: meeting preparation, agendas, minutes, payroll, bookkeeping;
  • Strategic Planning;
  • Advocacy and Leadership;
  • Recruiting and training a new Executive Director

In New Haven, P.U.M.A. provided transitional management and training assistance for the interim director who later was selected to be the permanent executive director of the Town Green Special Services District.

Prepared for Town Green Special Services District;
Win Davis, Executive Director (203) 401-4245

San Jose, CA

"PBID Renewal" (2012);
"Downtown San Jose PBID Management Plan" (2007);
P.U.M.A. recently completed work for the San Jose Downtown Association and the City of San Jose Redevelopment Agency to create a PBID. The new PBID will provide nearly $1.6 million to support enhanced clean safe and image enhancement initiatives. P.U.M.A. managed all aspects of the PBID feasibility and creation process including research community outreach and plan development. Key to the San Jose initiative is the creation of a verifiable base level of services agreement from the City ensuring and PBID-financed services will be supplemental.

Prepared for the San Jose Downtown Association;
Scott Knies, President (408) 279-1775

Fresno, CA

"Downtown Fresno PBID" (2010);
P.U.M.A. undertook research coordinated community outreach developed the Management District Plan including the PBID work program assessment methodology and governance structure and provided coaching on the petition and ballot processes during the PBID creation process that took place during 2009 and 2010. Currently the PBID generates more than $600000 per year to support a variety of economic development initiatives and environmental enhancements. In early 2011 P.U.M.A. facilitated a strategic planning retreat for the new PBID board of directors.

Prepared for the PBID Partners of Downtown Fresno;
Jan Minami, Executive Director (559) 490-9966

Cleveland, OH

"BID Renewal" (2009);
"Business Plan for the Downtown Cleveland Special Improvement District" (Spring 2005);
P.U.M.A. was the lead consultant to assist downtown Cleveland property owners businesses and civic leaders create a business plan for a downtown-wide special improvement district (SID).The process to form the plan included extensive community outreach including surveys roundtable discussions and one-on-one meetings.The resulting SID will raise more than $16 million over five years to finance enhanced safety maintenance and marketing services.The SID will also create a unified voice for the central business district coalescing five different district downtown neighborhoods and several organizations.Following a property owner petition drive the SID was created by the Cleveland City Council in late summer of 2005. P.U.M.A. was subsequently retained to assist with the BID renewal in 2009.

Prepared for the Downtown Cleveland Partnership;
Joe Marinucci, President and CEO (216)736-7799

Columbia, MO

"Downtown CID Creation" (2009);
"Downtown Strategic Plan" (2008);
Anchored by major educational institutions Columbia has successfully navigated through many past challenges to the vitality of its downtown. However recent years have brought significant change with increasing competition from both outside and within Columbia. The Columbia Special Business District realized that their focus should change from simply maintaining downtown to growing it. In early 2007 they contracted with P.U.M.A. to aid in the strategic restructuring of their downtown organization to help them accomplish this task. Recommendations focused on re-positioning the organization to serve a stronger economic development function in downtown through retention and recruitment initiatives and more comprehensive marketing and communications tactics. To support this a shift in the structure and operations of the two organizations concurrently working on downtown issues was recommended as was the development of a new funding district which will provide resources to implement the recommended initiatives. P.U.M.A. was subsequently retained to develop a management plan for the creation of the CID that provides sustainable funding for the organization and assist in the creation of that district.

Prepared for the Downtown Columbia Special Business District;
Carrie Gartner, Director (573) 442-6816

Santa Monica, CA

"PBID Management Plan" (2008);
"Downtown Management Framework" (2007);
P.U.M.A. led the consulting team to re-engineer the Bayside District Corporation the organization that markets and manages the Third Street Promenade and downtown Santa Monica. The Downtown Management Framework a strategic plan for the future of downtown Santa Monica was completed through a process that included a review of existing conditions best practices and an extensive stakeholder outreach process leading to recommendations for new services methods of financing and program governance. A new PBID was formed to finance $3.6 million in supplemental services. P.U.M.A. also led the process to develop the Management Plan for the PBID including additional outreach assessment modeling and negotiations with several city departments.

Prepared for the Bayside District Corporation and the city of Santa Monica;
Kathleen Rawson, Executive Director (310) 393-8355

Denver, CO

"West Colfax Business Improvement District" (2006);
The West Colfax BID was approved by the Denver City Council in September 2006 and was the first new BID formed in the City of Denver in almost fifteen years.P.U.M.A. was hired by the West Colfax Partnership to facilitate the creation of a BID reflective of the priorities of the business and property owners to advance the overall vitality of the area. P.U.M.A. facilitated a community-wide outreach and property owner petition process that resulted in a BID plan that emphasizes economic development including attracting appropriate development to the area and providing new and existing business support; enhanced safety and advocacy to encourage efforts such as the passage of Main Street Zoning. With significant changes such as the redevelopment of the St. Anthony's hospital site and the implementation of recommendations in the West Colfax Plan the BID will provide the organizational structure to guide meaningful change into the future.

Prepared for the City of Denver and the West Colfax Partnership;
Rick Garcia, Councilman District 1 (303) 458-4792
Ismael Guerrero, Immediate Past President (720) 932-3000

Cedar Rapids, IA

"Downtown Cedar Rapids Strategic Plan: Organizational Blueprint and SSMID Business Plan" (June 2006);
P.U.M.A. worked with downtown property owners businesses and civic leaders to develop a new organizational blueprint and to help renew the self-supported municipal improvement district (SSMID).The existing 20 year-old SSMID has helped to finance extensive streetscaping and improvements. After its renewal the SSMID refocused to support marketing and economic development activities to attract new businesses and vitality. The blueprint for the Downtown District envisaged a downtown holding company that connected the renewed SSMID and a new community development corporation.

Prepared for the Cedar Rapids Downtown District;
Doug Neumann, President/CEO (319) 398-0449

Grand Junction, CO

"Downtown Business Improvement District" (November 2005);
P.U.M.A. facilitated a participatory process to develop an operating plan and help guide the legal process to form a business improvement district (BID) in downtown Grand Junction.Activities included community outreach plan development and communications with city officials.?The BID which will raise $150000 annually to support marketing and special events was initiated by property owner petitions and then approved through a district election.

Prepared for the Downtown Grand Junction Partnership;
Brunella Gualerzi, Property Owner (970) 243-8662

Walsenburg, CO

"Walsenburg Middle School Reuse and Feasibility Analysis" (2005);
The Huerfano County High School was designed in 1919 by prominent architects Isaac and William Rapp and served the Walsenburg Community for more than 80 years as middle school and later as a high school. In 2004, the building was considered too deteriorated to maintain and was slated for demolition. In response to the threat of losing the building, the Huerfano County Historical Society engaged PUMA to conduct a reuse analysis of the school. The primary objectives of the study were to find an alternate use for the school that would preserve the building, benefit the community and provide a long-term, financially feasible and sustainable plan. After an intensive process that included market research and financial analyses, interviews with community members and potential tenants, P.U.M.A. developed a reuse plan for the building that included the Spanish Peaks Library main branch as the anchor tenant. The project was funded through several sources including the Spanish Peaks Library District, local individuals, a local bond issue and the Department of Local Affairs and State Historic Fund.

The library opened in 2009 as a state-of-the-art facility with energy efficient features including geothermal heating and cooling systems, and boasts a 70% user increase over its previous location. It is the crown jewel of the Walsenburg and Huerfano County and has won several awards celebrating its design, reuse and efficiency.

Prepared for Huerfano County Historical Society;
Lee Merkel, Regional Manager, Southeast Regions (719) 544-6577

Chandler, AZ

"Business Plan for the Downtown Chandler Community Partnership"
"Downtown Chandler Enhanced Municipal Services District Plan" (September 2005);
P.U.M.A. facilitated a participatory process to develop a ten-year business plan for the Downtown Chandler Community Partnership.The plan includes the creation of an enhanced municipal services district (i.e. BID) to finance marketing and public safety activities plus the creation of a community development corporation to advance economic development. At the request of downtown property and business owners the Chandler City Council initiated the process to form the enhanced municipal service district in late 2005.

Prepared for the Downtown Chandler Community Partnership;
Ernie Serrano Jr., Chairman (480) 899-7379

Seattle, WA

"BID Consolidation Expansion and Renewal" (1996 through 2004);
P.U.M.A. provided consultation to assist the Downtown Seattle Association to prepare for the consolidation and expansion of a $3.1 million business improvement district to finance enhanced safety maintenance and marketing services. Tasks included facilitation of focus groups and workshops to obtain property and business owner input development of service plan and assessment methodology options and strategic planning for a property owner petition drive. P.U.M.A. was retained to assist with the renewal of the district.

Prepared for the Downtown Seattle Association;
Kate Joncas, Executive Director (206) 623-0340

Springfield, MO

"Downtown Strategic Plan Update" (2003);
"Business Plan for the Downtown Springfield CID" (1999);
"Center City Springfield Organizational & Capital Development Plan" (1996);
Business plan to create a new public/private community development corporation to advance the revitalization of Springfield's Center City. Nine lending institutions invested equity in the corporate finance projects. P.U.M.A. was later retained to assist in the creation of a community improvement district and most recently retained to facilitate an update of the downtown strategic plan.

Prepared for the City of Springfield and Urban Districts Alliance;
Mary Lilly-Smith, City of Springfield (417) 864-1094

Lakewood, CO

"Alameda Gateway BID" (2003);
P.U.M.A. assisted the Alameda Gateway Community Association and the City of Lakewood in creating a BID along the Alameda corridor in the vicinity of the Bel Mar and Lakewood Town Center development.The process included community outreach plan development database verification and logistical support for the petition drive.

Prepared for the Alameda Gateway Community Association;
George Valuck, AGCA (720) 269-4302

St. Louis, MO

"Grand Center CID Operating Plan and Budget" (March 2002);
Research group facilitation and plan development for a community improvement district serving the Grand Center area of St. Louis.The CID will raise more than $425000 annually to finance enhanced safety maintenance and cosmetic capital improvements. Grand Center includes a high concentration of non-profit organizations including St. Louis University the St. Louis Symphony and the historic Fox Theater.

Prepared for Grand Center Inc.;
Peg Weathers, Vice President (314) 533-3345

Denver, CO

"Business Plan for Town Hall at Historic Eisenhower Chapel" (2002);
P.U.M.A. undertook a market feasibility and development option analysis to determine a preferred use for the historic Eisenhower Chapel located in the former Lowry Air Force Base.Steps included an extensive community outreach process identification of development alternatives and a business plan including financial marketing and management components.P.U.M.A. subsequently developed a successful grant application to the State Historic Fund to finance improvements.

Prepared for the Lowry Foundation;
Julie Church-Thomas, Program Manager (303) 340-3833

Albuquerque, NM

"Business Plan for the Downtown Albuquerque BID" (February 2000);
Research community outreach and plan development to create a downtown BID with an annual budget to $650000.Petition support to form the BID was received from 60% of downtown property owners during a six-week campaign.

Prepared for the Downtown Action Team;
Luisa Lindsey, Executive Director (505) 243-2230