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Here are selected publications and articles on downtown and district management. Contact P.U.M.A. if you would like copies sent to you via mail or fax:

"NEW 2017 Global Trends:  Top 10 Global Trends Affecting Downtowns and How to Respond at Home"


"Global Trends Update:  The Rebound Wave—how millenials are driving growth in smaller cities"

2015 by Brad Segal and Liz Munn

An update to the “2014 Top Ten Global Trends Affecting Downtowns”, the Rebound Wave looks at how millennials are driving growth in smaller cities.

"Top 10 Global Trends Affecting Downtowns and How to Respond at Home"

2014 by Brad Segal

An updated 2014 look at the "Top Ten Global Trends Affecting Downtowns" and how are they likely to affect planning and development decisions for the next 20 years in America's downtowns.

"The ABCs of California BIDs"

(2005, California Downtown Association publication) by Brad Segal and John Lambeth

This publication explores the formation of BIDs in California by explaining different BID options and addressing key questions about BIDs. The report also touches on BID renewal and provides a listing of selected California BIDs.

"ABCs For Creating BIDs"

(September 2002, International Downtown Association publication) by Brad Segal

This report offers a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to forming business improvement districts, including case studies.

"BIDS: Making Business Districts More Competitive."

(January 2000, News and Views, American Planning Association) by Brad Segal.

This publication describes how business improvement districts can be a critical component of downtown revitalization strategies and features several cases to illustrate how BIDS are used.

"Business Improvement Districts: Tool for Economic Development"

(International City Management Association publication) by Brad Segal.

This definitive handbook provides a step-by-step, "how-to" guide for the formation of Business Improvement Districts.

"A New Generation of Downtown Management Organizations"

(April 1998 Urban Land Magazine) by Brad Segal.

This article details the latest trends in downtown organizational development with case studies from Stockton, CA, Springfield, MO, Billings, MT, & Denver, CO.

"Style-High City"

(June 1999 America West Airlines Magazine) by Lisa Jones.

This article is written about P.U.M.A. president Brad Segal and his experiences with Denver and other downtowns.

"Stabilizing the Urban Core"

(November 1998 Urban Land Magazine) by William H. Hudnut III.

This summation of ULI Mayors Forum in Boise, ID looks at downtown development issues and strategies for western cities. Brad Segal was a participant in this forum.

"An Old Commercial District Goes From Cold to Hot"

(November 1995, Urban Land Magazine) by Brad Segal.

This article chronicles the economic development efforts in the Lower Downtown Historic District in Denver prior to the construction of Coors Field.