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P.U.M.A.'s Global Trends Report

Progressive Urban Management Associates conducts groundbreaking research to identify the top trends in demographics, lifestyles, global competition and disruption, and place them in the unique context of North American cities and towns. P.U.M.A.’s Global Trends Report has been utilized by cities across the country to support downtown planning, marketing and economic development initiatives.

P.U.M.A.’s 2023 Global Trends Report:
Top Ten Global Trends Affecting Downtowns and How to Respond at Home


The 2023 edition of P.U.M.A.’s Global Trends Report highlights opportunities and challenges arising from converging shifts in demographics, lifestyles, and disruptive forces that are rapidly shaping our cities. This award-winning research effort has been a go-to resource for downtown management organizations, business leaders, and local decision-makers since 2007.

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